1. Matching Earring And Necklace Sets

by:Krell     2020-08-04

Find out what your intended recipient's favorite colors, styles and shapes are, and work them as best you can into a matching set of earrings and necklace. This is a simple, elegant idea that is ideal for almost anyone - if there's a matching set, then its individual components can be relatively simple and straightforward and still come across as being most certainly a thoughtful, well-considered gift. Which is honestly all that jewelry gifts need to be!

2. Personalised Charm Bracelets

Everyone loves charm bracelets. With a little work, you can make sure that the ones you give are as personalised as possible - with charms, colors, themes and dangles that are just right for the person you're giving the bracelet to. Bear in mind that some of the blank charm bracelets you find are remarkably small, and you may very well need to buy some chain to extend the bracelet with if you're not sure of the precise wrist size of the person you're making it for. Good ideas for themed bracelets include their favourite film, the sport they play, or the holiday you're celebrating - but there really is no end to the choices you can make for a bracelet like this.

3. Handmade Cufflinks

Black cufflink backs are actually very versatile things, particularly as many beads have the kinds of flat back that is ideal for gluing onto them. Use resin or glass tiles to protect images of your own selection, or attach cabochons or flat-backed beads at your choosing. Just be sure to use a strng enough glue, and leave the cufflinks with adequate time to dry out.

4. A Keepsake Turned Into Jewelry

If you have a small keepsake that reminds you of your recipient or relates to a memory that they cherish or you both share, consider finding ways to turn it into jewelry gifts for a present that they are quite sure to remember for a very long time indeed. You can buy little 'cages' that are the right size for popping small things into - they're designed for beads, but would work in other ways too. They then become charms or dangles, or pendants. You could also work a ticket or image into a glass pendant, or make use of your handmaking skills in any one of a huge number of other ways. These are without a doubt the most unique and meaningful jewelry gifts of all.

5. Altered Keyrings

'Jewelry gifts' aren't always necessarily just jewelry. Keyrings are easy to make, easy to personalise and universally appreciated - pretty much everyone uses keys, after all! Buy a blank keyring form and decorate it in any way you see fit for a unique present that your recipient will be able to see, use and appreciate several times a day, every single day. These are a lovely choice when giving your child their first set of front door keys, too.

With these 5 ideas you are sure to find just the right item for your receiver!

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