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by:Krell     2020-08-05

One thing that men don't talk much about is jewelry. Aside from a watch and perhaps a wedding ring, most men don't have much jewelry. While there is definitely a place for bold jewelry in certain urban styles, the guy working IT or running a book store probably doesn't give jewelry much thought. But the truth is there are certain types of jewelry for men that add tremendously to personal style without being flashy or jarring, and one of the best examples is the cufflink.

Cufflinks have been around for centuries, and most people only associate them with formal occasions and wealthy people with unlimited wardrobe budgets. But cufflinks are an amazingly simple way for men to set themselves apart and show that they have style without being a slave to the latest trend. Some of today's designs are just incredibly innovative and great looking.

If you think you can't wear cufflinks because all your shirts have button cuffs, think again. For just a few dollars' outlay, you can have an alterations tailor replace the button on your cuffs with a buttonhole so that you can wear cufflinks with any of your favorite shirts. And next time you buy long sleeved shirts, look for those that are made for cufflinks. They're not that hard to find.

London-based designer Robert Tateossian is one of the top designers of cufflinks in the world. For the past two decades he has been coming up with some of the most innovative designs imaginable. And they come in styles that are perfect for business, dressy events, and even casual wear. Tateossian cufflinks are the perfect wardrobe addition for the man who wants to step up his style a notch or two.

Tateossian makes, for example, black and gunmetal cufflinks that incorporate tiny cogs and gears that are the perfect embodiment of 21st century urban style. They're beautiful and classy, but with a steampunk edge that's perfect for letting the world know that you know what real style is, and you have your own take on it.

You can also find sleek cufflinks made with semiprecious jewels, bold, masculine looks made with deeply hued Swarovski crystals, and even cufflinks made from unexpected materials like fine Italian leather and fiber optic glass. These are clearly not your grandfather's cufflinks!

If you're a man who wants to make a great style statement without coming across as a fashion victim, or if you want to give your man a great gift of style, cufflinks are one of the best options out there.

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