A pedicure can be the highlight of your week.

by:Krell     2020-08-01

When pedicure chairs come complete with the spas, or the basin where the feet are soaked, this a sign of a good quality chair that can help provide a great pedicure experience. The soothing water jets target tired achy feet for a few minutes before the technician begins.

Expect to pay more for a pedicure when using these vibrating pedicure chairs. One of these high end chairs can cost over $1,000. Some salons even give customers the option of two pedicure styles - one using these vibrating pedicure chairs and the other using a regular basis like you'd have at home. However, most clientele choose the real thing and opt for the pedicure chairs even if it means waiting a bit.

Some newer pedicure chairs can also massage the legs. Some technicians prefer that you don't use the vibration mechanism once they begin to put the polish on simply because the vibration does cause considerable, well, vibration, preventing the perfect paint job you are paying for.

In salons with multiple chairs, don't be afraid to switch if you are asked to sit in a chair that isn't completely functional. These tend to break easily because of heavy usage, and they are expensive to repair. Because if you are paying the extra to use pedicure chairs with more functions you should get your moneys worth.

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