A pedicure is a beauty treatment for the toenails and feet

by:Krell     2020-08-01

Before starting on the procedures, it is necessary to visit a beauty supply store or a drug store in order to get the materials required for the treatment. The basic requirements of pedicure treatment will include a tub of warm water, nail polish remover, orangewood stick, a hand towel, nail clippers or scissors, clear nail polish, cotton pads, finger brush, nail file or emery board, massage lotion, pumice stone.

The old nail polish has to be removed completely using cotton bands dipped in acetone remover since the usage of cotton balls could leave behind traces of cotton strands on the nails. If this does not remove the polish completely then the cotton has to be soaked on the nails for some time until it comes off completely.

High quality clippers are much preferred for cutting the toenails as they give us much better results and the nails have to be cut leaving about 1/8th of an inch length so that the nails don't extend over the tip of the toes. For acquiring a soft square shape nail its best to file from around the corners and edges in one direction using Emory boards and not metal files as they could rip the nails.

The Emory boards have smooth surfaces for softening the nail edges whereas the coarse surface is for shaping them. Soaking the feet in a bath of salt and aroma oils or Epsom salts will do you good. Calloused feet require being soaked for longer hours and adding milk to the warm water will help loosen the dead skin.

Cuticle remover is applied to the nail bases and using orangewood stick the skin is pushed back to where it meets the nail. Trimming of loose skin is done using cuticle nippers and care should be taken to see that the toe flesh is not cut. Exfoliators, foot scrubs, or if possible wet pumice stone is used to remove the dead cells in the balls and heels of the feet.

During pedicure, scrubbing too hard may cause the foot to turn red, in case of which the scrubbing should be stopped. Nourishing foot cream is applied on the feet including the area between the toes and rubbed, and the cuticle is rehydrated by using cuticle oil.

A thin base coat of three strokes, with one down the middle and the other one on each side is applied followed by a thin topcoat. The cuticles should not be painted. An orangewood stick with cotton wrapped around it is dipped in nail polish remover to remove excess of polish.

The nails are to be dried before wearing shoes. Pedicure socks are available which can be worn without covering the toenails. These pedicures help in keeping the feet in good condition making the skin soft and smooth. Improves blood circulation it nourishes the skin of the leg and foot muscles and discourages foot ailments.

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