Although the rapid development of information technology

by:Krell     2020-07-20

How should you do to choose a premium USB encryption product? What kind of functions and characteristics USB disk encryption software products should have?

1.High strength encryption protection

All data of custom USB and mobile devices which want to internal into the network, must pass the high strength encryption protection, even if confidential documents disclosure or loss of U dish, the other side also can not open view, prevent all kinds of leak and accidental loss brought about by the security incident.

2. Equipment Identification

USB and mobile storage equipment must be registered before use, through the service issued by the strategies to control the use of USB, not registered user can't use in the company, strictly control the enterprise internal Custom USB use, prevent illegal equipment access enterprise internal network, to prevent the network connection bring risk of Trojan virus spread.

3.Can't effect the user habits and convenience

The widely use of USB is because its small size and large capacity, portable characteristics, if USB to control and manage the let customers use up very trouble then use of USB disk run counter to the original intention. Therefore, the mobile storage equipment safety protection at the same time, can't effect the user use mobile storage equipment legal data storage and exchange use habit and convenience. This needs the custom USB can provide flexible and controllable access control strategy, and tie-in high fine-grained access control, to meet the needs of the user many applications scene, to ensure safety in the basis of the really does not affect customers to use convenient.

4. Easy To Management

Administrators should be able to convenient through the control center to check all client registration information, the customize USB connection equipment, burners, cd-rom, mobile hard disk storage equipment, etc, and the equipment to monitor management operation, ensure that the company's core data will not be through the peripherals leakage.

5. Widely Compatible

A premium encryption customize USB flash drive should have extensive compatibility, and all kinds of operating system and application software, IT deployment environment compatible, don't change user management operation habit.

6. Abundant & Complete Log monitoring

A premium encryption customize USB should have the perfect log audit, to the use of the log records and flow control management. Should not only in the field environment monitoring of various peripherals into, and monitoring of peripherals has access to all operation and behavior. So, users in the internal or external operation U disk, any illegal operation will be recorded.

custom encryption USB just solve some current enterprise face some of the most urgent, the most serious data security needs, only for the enterprise users common data leak the protection, it is far from perfect. Enterprise only use unified platform for risk and safety management, and grasp the enterprise the current overall security situation, adopting the specific measures of protection can maximum limit reducing enterprise data security risk.

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