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by:Krell     2020-07-25

Using Floral Mesh: Selecting a Flower Arrangement Style

Before you start using a floral mesh for flower arrangements, you need to consider the dcor of the area and the position where you wish to display the flower arrangement. Choosing the flower color scheme that suits the dcor is also important. Floral arrangements can be either formal or informal. In a formal flower arrangement, the colors of the flowers as well as the floral mesh will be in a monotone or with just a bit of contrast in color. In an informal flower arrangement, you can play with the colors of your choice, using a number of flowers with a looser symmetry.

Here are some flower arrangement styles.

1. A monotone floral arrangement style will have plant materials and a floral mesh in shades of the same color, such as roses in the same color or sometimes flowers in varying shades (dark, medium or light) of pink.

2. A related color scheme will involve combinations of materials and flowers whose colors are nearer to each other according to the color wheel. You can choose flowers and material such as floral meshes in colors such as purple with blue or orange with red.

3. For a complimentary color scheme, choose material and flowers in colors that are opposite each other according to the color wheel, such as orange with blue or purple with green.

Benefits of Using a Floral Mesh

Using floral mesh baskets instead of solid flower pot adds an exotic look to the flower arrangement. A floral mesh basket will allow you to display the arrangement from all sides, giving an impression of luxury to the presentation. You can also use natural liners, such as coir, coco fiber or moss, to support the soil in the floral mesh basket. Moreover, the natural liners can even be added to the compost pile at the season's end, unlike plastic pots that are non recyclable.

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