As a popular saying goes, men's cufflink equals

by:Krell     2020-08-06

With a lot of new cufflinks emerging at DealExtreme. Com, some men are going to be crazy again. However, as the craze for cufflink is sweeping through our minds like a hurricane, we still should keep a cool mind on how to properly wear our cufflinks. Generally speaking, there are basically 4 rules we should follow in wearing the cufflink.

1. First, the shirt that the cufflink is going with must be formal and exquisite. A double reverse-cuff is necessary.

2. The color of the cufflink must properly go with the colors of the shirt, glasses, belt or watch if you wear all of them. For example, the cufflink can best be in gold if the glasses, belt knuckle and watch are in gold either. If you wear a shirt in a stripe pattern, it is best for you not to choose a cufflink in the same pattern. Otherwise, the ugly appearance goes beyond your imagination.

3. When it comes to material, the cufflink should also properly go with the shirt. A diamond-made cufflink should not go with a shirt made with pure cotton. No matter what brand of the shirt is, the shirt must be made of silk, with the silk from Italy being the best selection. Meanwhile, the belt knuckle should also be made of platinum with the glass frame plated with platinum.

4. A high-class cufflink should go with a high-class business suit. It is best to have an overall effect whatever style you would like to choose. Like I have mentioned earlier, men's cufflink is like women's earring. By following the 4 rules and selecting the best one for you from DealExtreme, you will soon become a gentleman of great charm.

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