Choosing wedding dress for the winter, besides

by:Krell     2020-07-20

Generally speaking, added acrylic cotton satin, velvet, velvet thick silk and fine mesh etamine are beautiful anthology and good choice. For the design, try to avoid short, too tight and exposed design, these not only let you feel cold in the day, at the same time also let guests fell compressed on the vision.

Due to the winter marriage gauze is thicker, in winter, its comfort is the most important, to judge a marriage gauze is fit or not, you can try to lift arm over your head, a short period of dance, sit down and folds your legs, bend, as more as possible much walking in the shop, if all can be easily finished, this marriage gauze is suitable for you.

It is the best to try some warm color, or have ablaze effect, these elements can brought strong active feeling in this white cold season.

The choice for accessory also is different from warm season, soft fur shawl is necessary,one is warm; another can bring luxuriant feeling, can also match with the same fur edge hand bag. It is suitable for wearing large crown tire in the winter to emphasize luxuriant and full effect.

Wedding wearing comfort, 1, avoid silk, gauze, satin, net etamine, make the person cool feeling and refreshing, winter wiping a bosom wedding had better to choose texture comfortable, thicker, insulation resistance fabrics. Such as acrylic cotton, velvet, velvet thick silk, velvet, corduroy is good choice for winter good fabric. 2, winter warmth and beautiful bride marriage gauze,both need them is impossible, if you want to put on wiping a bosom marriage gauze in the cold winter still, become a sexy charm bride, the best way is putting on a same color of fur out of the gown. In this way not only can keep wedding dress nature charm, and can add integral warmth and luxuriant sense. 3,Hold on the wedding in ice and snow of winter, dress color had better to be some warm colors, or is a paillette effect fabrics. Also need to pay special attention to choose a pair of mittens longger than elbow, will make you fashion and warm. Remember all of the above, you will become a warm and sexy bride in the winter!

Marriage gauze overall visual effect. 1, because winter marriage gauze is heavy, it is easy to cause the action inconvenience, so try to carry arm, bend, walk, sit and so on multiple perspectives when try it on, and unfavorable choose and buy overtighten winter marriage gauze. 2, It is suitable for wearing large complicated crown and accessories in winter, can highlight the bride luxuriant and full integral effect. 3, the bride's hand bag, as far as possible collocates that hasfur edge or stone Mosaic haspolish hand bag. 4, You had better to choose veil has lace or embroidered, because single concise model veil maybe looks thin, and is discrepancy with overall modelling. 5, avoid by all thin rite shoes on the wedding day, thin heals and high boots will be a good choice for the winter wedding.

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