Custom embroidered patches are a modern representation

by:Krell     2020-08-07

For most of its existence, embroidery has been purely a hand-created art form. But modern computer technology and automatic machinery have made embroidery commercially successful on a mass-production scale. High-precision multi-head embroidery machines today can turn digitally created artwork into embroidered patches at a speed once unimaginable. The human designer provides the creative spark, while the machine does the mechanical production in a precise, uniform fashion.

For embroidered patch customers, the present is truly a golden age of patch design. Working with customers, talented computer graphic artists can create a custom patch from just about any idea or logo. Because the design work can be done onscreen before physical production begins, the artist can revise the design until it precisely matches the customer's vision. With computer aided design, the embroidered patch design is limited only by the customer's imagination.

Modern techniques also apply to the embroidered patch shape. The traditional sewn, or merrowed, border can be replaced by a hot cut border. This enables the patch to be made in custom shapes in almost any shape the customer desires. Of course, the traditional merrowed border is still popular as well.

Today's embroidered patches embody the best of the embroidery traditions and modern technology. An ancient art form has been brought into the 21st century without losing the beauty and style of the original craft.

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