Custom embroidered patches are an easy, affordable

by:Krell     2020-08-08

Prices vary according to patch size, embroidery percentage and options, of course. But custom embroidered patches can be a surprisingly affordable way to market your organization.

For example, the smallest widely available patch, 2' with 50% embroidery, can be as little as $1.16 per patch for the first 100. Another 100 patches lowers the price to only $0.67 each. With each incremental order increase, the per-unit cost drops. Reputable companies will offer up to seven thread colors free, giving you free rein to develop a colorful custom embroidered patch design.

Custom backings can make your patches easier to attach or retain on garments, and are remarkably economical to add to your entire patch order. Iron-on backings for example, will add only $0.10 per patch to your order cost, and can be used alone or to hold a patch in place for sewing. Tape backing, a must for temporary event patches also adds only $0.10 per patch.

If you're on a tight budget, stick to the standard merrowed border for your custom embroidered patches. If you want something different, such as a custom shape, go for the laser hot cut border. Hot cut adds only $0.10 per patch and allows a clean, custom edge look.

If your budget allows, add neon or metallic threads to make your patch design really stand out. And if you need to be able to remove and replace patches, Velcro backing is also an affordable option that makes your embroidered patches truly a custom item.

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