Custom lanyards and fashion are not usually terms

by:Krell     2020-07-27

Savvy custom color choices, customized messages and logos and a careful selection of lanyard material can make the humble lanyard a bit more trendy. Don't expect to see them on the runways of Paris soon, but with a little forethought, lanyards can be a respectable part of basic office attire.

The material your lanyards are made of can have a major effect on the way they look. Tubular lanyards, for example, are the most economical lanyard material, made of a tube-stitched polyester similar to a shoelace. Woven lanyards on the other hand, feature text and designs woven into the high quality polyester lanyard with thread, similar to embroidery, for a classic look.

Polyester lanyards are a good compromise between cost and performance. Polyester custom lanyards are available in many colors and the silk screen printing process produces clear detail and design features. This is the most popular lanyard material.

Nylon lanyards, which offer the smoothest finish and highest sheen of any lanyard material, allow the clearest silk screen printed details for even the most intricate designs.

Lanyard colors say a lot. If you're the adventurous sort, and your office is a creative environment, go with something wild. A neon green custom lanyard, or perhaps something in purple, will send a message about your organization's way of doing things. For a more subtle approach, tone it down a little, with more standard colors for the custom lettering, the lanyard or both.

If your work environment is more along the lines of a white-shoe law firm, go with the classic little black lanyard. With your logo or message in simple white lettering, a basic black custom lanyard adds a touch of formality to the atmosphere.

For military units and organizations camouflage-pattern custom lanyards are available in standard desert or green. If you're in a less restrictive creative venture, go with camo other colors, to create an unexpected visual highlight. There's sure to be a custom lanyard color combination that's just right for your specific needs.

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