Custom lanyards are a step toward increased safety

by:Krell     2020-07-27

In the wake of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and a steady stream of violent workplace incidents over the past two decades, employers have turned to increased security measures to help prevent workplace violence or outside attacks. Custom lanyards are one small part of a comprehensive security and safety program that can help reduce the likelihood of incidents at work.

Custom lanyards allow employees to keep I.D. badges and key cards conveniently visible and readily at hand at all times. They help security personnel identify outsiders, and assist coworkers in identifying new personnel. The customization adds a company logo, slogan, title or other information to the lanyard, adding an even greater degree of specific identification.

Custom lanyards used for other purposes can also contribute to workplace safety. If employees need to keep keys, safety glasses, ear protectors or other items available, lanyards can keep such important items with the employees and ready for use at any time.

With a versatile selection of attachments available, custom lanyards can be adapted to many workplace needs. They are easily affordable, and can be ordered in variety of colors, styles and print fonts to meet specific requirements.

Obviously, custom lanyards alone can't prevent violent workplace incidents. But when combined with badge holders, I.D. cards, trained security staff and responsive management, they can be an important part of a total security program.

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