Custom lanyards are simple devices, yet versatile

by:Krell     2020-07-27

Lanyards are most commonly used to hold company I.D. badges or swipe cards for electronic locks. The basic lanyard can be imprinted with the company logo or message, a political statement, or even just something to brighten the wearer's day.

Custom lanyards printed with the organization's logo or text message send a subtle marketing message to customers as well. The logo or text reinforces the organization's brand in the customer's mind.

But custom lanyards aren't limited to just holding I.D. badges. With a variety of attachments available, they can be used for an array of options. For example, pen lanyards attach to the top clip of a ballpoint pen, keeping a writing instrument close at hand for whenever the wearer needs it. Similarly, key clip lanyards are especially convenient when the wearer needs to keep a ring of keys handy for frequent use.

Another popular form of custom lanyard is the water bottle holder. Printed with a custom message, the versatile lanyard holds water bottles up to 1 liter for hiking, biking, going to the beach and more! As with other lanyards, the nylon material can be silk screen printed with a custom message of the purchaser's choice.

For computer users, the USB drive holder lanyard offers a way to carry a convenient thumb drive without risk of loss. This type of custom lanyard also can have a combination of attachment hardware that allows it to hold both an I.D. card and the USB drive.

Lanyards can be used to ensure employees have access to critical safety equipment when they need it. Custom lanyards attached to safety glasses or ear protectors can help keep employees safe in potentially hazardous workplaces.

With all their potential uses, custom lanyards are a great, cost-effective way to market an organization or cause while offering employees a convenient way to be more productive and safe at work.

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