Custom lanyards have become popular in recent

by:Krell     2020-07-27

Custom lanyards are a convenient way to keep small necessary items close at hand. Key cards and I.D. badges are probably the most common items, since they need to be visible and/or easily accessible for electronic locks. But lanyards also can be customized to carry other items such as pens, USB drives, even water bottles.

Adding a logo or text message to the custom lanyard takes it to another level. The printed or woven message can display your brand, corporate logo or other message in a way that showcases it to customers. If employees don't deal with the public, the custom lanyard can still encourage pride in their work and company loyalty.

Custom lanyards can be made with several different types of material, each of which is best suited to a particular application or price point. Woven lanyards are made of high quality polyester and feature text woven into the material, much like embroidery. This makes for a professional look, but isn't suitable for intricate logos and designs because they won't be legible.

Polyester flat lanyards offer great value. Made of the same high quality polyester as woven lanyards, they are the most popular type of lanyard. The material allows for clear detail when designs are silk screen printed onto it.

Nylon lanyards are the highest quality material available, and are perfect for even the most intricate logos and designs. With the highest brilliance and smoothest finish of any custom lanyard material, nylon will show the clearest detail possible.

Tubular lanyards are the most economical lanyard option. Made of tube-stitched polyester similar to a shoelace they allow for a clear silk screen printed message on a custom lanyard at an affordable price.

The utility of custom lanyards can be enhanced by adding badge reels. Perfect for key cards, badge reels allow the user to extend the key card to reach the lock, then retract it back to keep it close. There's no need to take off the lanyard, unclip the key card or bend close to the lock just to open a door.

Custom lanyards offer enough flexibility to suit just about any business need. They're a winning addition to any company's marketing plan.

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