Custom lanyards in the workplace that hold I.D

by:Krell     2020-07-27

No, custom lanyards aren't about to become haute couture for the runway set. But with custom colors, customized messages and logos and a variety of materials available, lanyards don't have to be a fashion disaster.

A wide range of colors is possible. For the formal look, go with basic black. A black custom lanyard with white lettering can add a touch of elegance to the office. If your atmosphere is a bit more casual, introduce other colors into the mix, either for the lanyard itself, the lettering or both. For the truly fashion forward, go with something bright purple, perhaps, or maybe a neon green or fluorescent orange. A bright custom lanyard is sure to get attention. It all depends on your intent.

Lanyard material choice also factors into the fashion equation. Woven lanyards, for example, feature text and designs woven into the lanyard with thread, similar to embroidery. This lends the custom lanyard a classic look. However, it also requires a relatively simple message, because more intricate designs won't be legible.

Polyester lanyards offer a good compromise between performance and value. The most popular lanyard type, polyester custom lanyards are available in many colors and the silk screen printing process produces clear detail and design features.

Nylon lanyards, which feature the highest brilliance and smoothest finish, allow the clearest silk screen printed details and visibility for even the most intricate designs.

Camouflage-pattern custom lanyards are also popular. In standard desert or green, camo lanyards blend in. In other colors, such as hot pink, they stand out, an unexpected visual 'pop.' Once again, it all depends on what you want.

The bottom line is, even though the designers of 'Project Runway' aren't likely to be designing them anytime soon, custom lanyards are a workplace necessity that can still be fashionable.

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