Custom lanyards offer many advantages in the workplace

by:Krell     2020-07-25

From a security standpoint, it's hard to beat a custom lanyard for holding I.D. badges and key cards. Worn around the neck, the lanyard keeps an I.D. badge at convenient level, visible at all times, and doesn't interfere with an employee's ability to do his or her job. Employees and security officers can see at a glance who belongs in a specific area and who doesn't. A safety breakaway prevents the lanyard from becoming a safety hazard if grabbed or caught in machinery.

For key cards, custom lanyards keep the card handy, ready for use to enter or exit a work area. Employees don't have to worry about fumbling in their pocket or purse for their key card and the threat of losing it is reduced. An optional quick release catch makes it easy to remove the key card from the lanyard, use it, and then snap it back into place.

Custom lanyards make excellent promotional items. Given away at trade shows, the custom imprint of your business name and contact information keeps your business in your potential customers' minds. That makes it easier for them to contact you when they're ready to order products or services. And in the workplace, a custom-imprinted message can be used to promote your business brand, logo, mission statement or business ideals, both to customers and employees.

Custom lanyards can be ordered in many materials, colors and styles to match just about any workplace from the most formal to the funkiest. You owe it to your business, and your employees, to check out the advantages custom lanyards can offer.

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