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Custom Metal Badge For Decoration On Sale

Custom Metal Badge For Decoration On Sale
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Offset printed pins, also called photographic lapel pins, are one of the most flexible and popular lapel pins styles. Offset printed technology has long been considered as one of the most vibrant and detailed printing processes in modern printing. The biggest difference between offset printed pins and custom enamel pins is that offset printed pins do not alter or distort your design. This kind of custom pins can preserve the details of your design perfectly.


The drop shadows, gradients, text and other subtle color changes can be brought out with brilliant color and clarity. Once you submit your design, your photo or text can be printed onto pin blanks directly with the latest printing technology and then cut into the required shape.


A clear epoxy finish is applied to the pins to protect the surface of the image from scratches and give your image a glossy finish as well as a protective layer. Lastly, a military clutch or any attachments you choose will be attached to the custom printed pins.

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After inspection and package, your offset printed pins are ready to be shipped to your doorstep.

Custom offset printed pins are the best choice when you need bright and unlimited colors or designs that require a gradient to the pin.


If the logo or your photographs cannot be transferred well on the stamped metal pins, it is where the offset printed lapel pins work. It is an excellent choice for designs and photographs that show gradual color changes and color shifts. Besides, if you are running out of time, offset printed pins can be your life savior. These custom lapel pins are well known for their quick manufacture process- as short as 5 days.


Simply send your design to us and our talented and experienced designers will begin to make your offset printed lapel pins. 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to providing only custom offset printed pins with the highest industry standard and the cheapest price.

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