Custom playing cards used as advertising? Actually

by:Krell     2020-07-31

Think about it, many companies use the typical tote bags, pens, calendars, coasters, mugs and other promotional advertising products that EVERYONE else uses. When you come in with something new with a professional appearance and it's something they can and will actually use the possibilities are endless.

With custom playing cards you can customize the backs, the faces (suits and numbers) and the boxes. For example if you have new products launching you can put your company logo on the back of each card and have a picture and description of each of your new products on the face of the cards and still have them be playable. This allows for maximum exposure for all of your new or existing products to be seen and actually read about. Hey who knows it might actually help you with your poker game when your client is too busy reading about your product to pay attention to the game.

Custom playing cards also come in several different finishes and sizes. Just because they are printed on playing card stock doesn't mean you can't make your very own custom playing card game buy making everything completely custom. You can print heart shapes, ovals, house shapes, pizza shapes and many more! Visit one of 521 Promo's many sites to view more options. There are a few different finishes too! The 100% plastic cards come in glossy or matte finish and the plastic coated playing cards come in linen, glossy and matte.

Kellene Addison is the owner of 521 Promotional Advertising and She has been in the Advertising industry for over 10 years and is definitely the woman you want to talk to about ordering promotional products for your company.

One of 521 Promo's specialties is custom playing cards and custom games. 521 Promo offers several options to meet everyone's budget. Kellene will work with you no matter what the size of the job. Kellene knows the value of quality custom playing cards matched with quality customer service. There are several different sizes, shapes, finishes and standards for customized playing cards and she knows them all and will help you choose the perfect product for you and your company.

Unlike other huge custom playing card companies Kellene runs a smaller operation, which allows her to pass on her overhead savings to you. She has had a long-standing relationship with her suppliers for 10 years and counting which also allows her to have the best pricing possible. Kellene is in the custom playing card and promotional advertising business for the love and passion she has for the industry and no other reason. She has extensively researched all of the products she has, to make sure they are coming from a quality playing card supplier and has even flown overseas to meet the people she works with and their families. I cannot think of another CEO or owner that has down anything like that to ensure their customers satisfaction. So please rest assured that when using 521 Promo you ARE getting the top quality product at the lowest price with the highest customer service.

So again I ask you to work with 521 Promo and CRUSH your competitions ATTEMPT at advertising!

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