Customized lanyards are a natural way to solve

by:Krell     2020-08-09

That's not always easy to do. Clip-on badge holders can fall off or get knocked off and accidentally lost. Few employees want to damage their clothing on a daily basis with pin-on badge holders. That's where customized lanyards are the perfect solution.

Lanyards offer a simple hands-free way for employees to keep their hospital I.D. badges and key cards visible at all times. The lanyard is a comfortable way to carry the badge holder, and employees treating patients or operating equipment don't have to worry about accidentally losing it.

Customized lanyards can be printed with the name of the medical center, which is common. Specialty units, such as pediatrics or labor and delivery, can have their own custom lanyards with their unit-specific design woven into the fabric or silk screen printed onto it. With a wide variety of colors available, specific units or departments could even have their own customized lanyard colors.

Along with security, safety is always a concern in any health care facility. Customized lanyards can be ordered with a safety breakaway design that breaks loose if the lanyard is pulled. That prevents injury in case the badge holder gets caught in equipment, or if a patient, visitor or other person tugs on it. The safety breakaway is easily reattached for continued use.

Customized lanyards are a great alternative to clips and pins for hospital I.D. badges. Lanyards are easy to use just slip it on and forget it. They don't interfere with most tasks and they're a cost-effective way to market the medical facility's name through custom imprinting. They're a wise choice for virtually any medical facility.

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