Customized lanyards can make your workplace more

by:Krell     2020-07-27

Customized lanyards can feature a message or company logo, or can offer insight into the organization's philosophy. The lanyard can even contain a message just for fun.

Just about all employees have some items they need to keep close at hand to do their work. It could be a pen, a pair of safety glasses, a USB drive, even a camera or audio recorder. A customized lanyard with the proper attachment can hold any of these.

Customized lanyards offer an ideal way to carry I.D. badges and key cards, the most common workplace application. Employees don't have to fumble in a purse, wallet or pocket to find an I.D. card, and they don't have to worry about losing it. With the addition of a badge reel, key card users can extend the card to open a door without having to remove the lanyard. The slight extra cost of a lanyard or badge reel reduces employee frustration and increases productivity.

Visible I.D. badges on customized lanyards add to workplace security as well, enabling security staff to see at a glance who belongs in a specific area. If a stranger walks in, they can be identified immediately by the lack of an I.D. badge.

Lanyards customized with a company logo or text message also can promote the company to customers in a subtle way, and help customers identify employees in a retail or public service setting.

Customized lanyards are available in broad range of colors, from basic black all the way to tie-dyed or camouflaged. Add a custom message or logo to create a unique company identifier that can be stylish enough for employees to take pride in.

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