Customized lanyards have become a common sight

by:Krell     2020-07-28

Obviously, no one's saying lanyards can end terrorism or workplace violence. But they can make a small but meaningful contribution to workplace safety.

Customized lanyards can hold employee and visitor I.D. badges at eye level. They allow staff members to see at a glance whether someone does or doesn't belong in a workplace. Clip-on visitor badges can separate the employees from the visitors who have reason to be there. If someone doesn't have a badge, whether on a lanyard or a clip, they should be stopped and questioned by security officers as to why they're in the facility.

Lanyards also enable security officers monitoring areas by closed-circuit TV to tell who's authorized to be in an area. Once again, if someone's I.D. badge isn't immediately visible, they have reason to investigate.

Because they're convenient, keeping I.D. badges and keycards close at hand customized lanyards help employees comply with I.D. requirements. There's no need to fumble in a pocket, wallet or purse for a card or badge.

Even as they serve a safety purpose, customized lanyards also convey a marketing message. Imprinted with your company's logo or text, or a message of your choice, the lanyards are a constant reminder to both employees and customers of your workplace mission.

No, lanyards alone won't stop bad things from happening in the workplace. But they can contribute to a safer environment for all.

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