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Designing custom embroidered patches isn't difficult

by:Krell     2020-08-07

Start by creating your message. What do you want your patch to say? If you have an existing design or logo, patch designers can work with you to turn it into a custom embroidered patch design that your organization can wear with pride. Or if you want a completely new design from scratch, talented graphic artists can do that too, creating a unique work of art perfect for your needs.

Consider colors. With a broad array of both backing twill and thread colors, your custom embroidered patches can be either subtle or screaming, whichever you prefer. Metallic or neon threads can add extra visual 'pop' to your design.

The size and design of your patch will determine the embroidery percentage. A 50% embroidered patch is good for text-only designs. This style contains a lot of open space that showcases your brand. A 75% embroidered patch will contain a much larger amount of embroidery, and is great for displaying both artwork and text. The 100% embroidered patch leaves none of the twill backing visible, and offers the most detail possible, perfect for intricate designs and logos.

Borders are available in two styles: either the traditional merrowed style or hot cut. The merrowed border has the standard wraparound design of hand stitched thread. Hot cut borders are laser cut, and are great for custom shapes when you don't want to sacrifice detail on your custom embroidered patches.

Multiple backing types are available to suit specific needs. The standard backing enables the patch to be sewn onto the garment easily. Iron-on backing allows for quick application, and can be hold the patch steady for sewing. Plastic backing, which seals the entire back of the patch, adds sturdiness to the design. Velcro backing, popular with military organizations, is ideal for situations in which the patches need to be removed and reapplied. Tape backing offers peel-and-stick simplicity, perfect for temporary applications.

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