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Disk Fragmentation could cause slow data assess

by:Krell     2020-07-19

Fragmentation or fragment is not in favor of computer performance and data safety. We can defragment disk regularly to reduce the amount of them, increase computer performance and data safety. That is an effective way to avoid the problems that it result in. But we can avoid it otherwise.

Actually, fragmentation is not inevitable. It is avoidable. Here is the tips you can use to avoid it.

1. Separate hard disk into several partitions. Save the files which experience many more reads to a dedicated partition. And the files which are written and deleted frequently to other partitions.

2. Create a dedicated folder in Partition D and name it as Temp (of course, you can create folder in the volatile partition and name it otherwise). Then open Internet Explorer and click Tools. Then click Setting button in the Browsing History area. Then click Move Folder and select Temp folder. This way can effective reduce fragment that is generated by using the IE.

3. Create a folder in partition D and name it as My Documents. Then go to desktop and right click My Documents. Then click Properties. Then set the Target Folder as d:My Documents.

Those tips can effectively avoid the fragmentations. Because you set partition D as a dedicated zone which is used to save temporary files. So the fragments generated by IE and My documents will in Partition D.

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