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Don't worry if you have lost hair on the sides

by:Krell     2020-08-10

Get Invisible Hair Extensions!

The best thing about extensions is that it allows you to have the desired hair length, and the hair thickness that you always wanted in one visit to the salon.

What is it?

A man made skin replica, with one smooth side for attaching to clients scalp and the other side having one hair at a time secured to the skin in order to imitate naturally growing hair.; Can be attached anywhere on the head which allows a stylist to design a custom application.;

How is it done?

The adhesive is placed directly on your scalp, and acts as your second skin. One side is stick to your scalp and the other side has hair on it, strand by strand just like your normal hair. An air tight and water tight seal is created to give maximum security. The adhesive needs to be reattached after every 6-8 weeks, as it absorbs oil and perspiration from your scalp and becomes loose. This type of extension is used if you have baby fine hair. The best part is that it can be reused, reapplied, brushed and styled in any way that you want.

Who should go for it?

Wig wearers who do not want to remove their hair to sleep. Chemotherapy patients who are growing out their own hair. Alopecia Areata, Universalis, Totalis, who need guaranteed security. Radiation, Surgery or Burn patients.


So, why worry when you are noticing the fall of hair from noticeable places like the temples and the crown - go to the nearest salon offering this service, and come home worry free!

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