Embroidered patches have been around for a long time

by:Krell     2020-08-08

And then there are backing options. The backing option is important if you know how you would like to adhere your patch and to what type of clothing. Plastic backing makes the patch sturdy and adds durability, which will give the patch years of life. Patches with plastic backing need to be sewn on but can still be removed and sewn on to other garments without fear of losing patch structure. Heat Seal backing allows a patch to be ironed on to a garment. This is a nice alternative for those who don't enjoy sewing and want to adhere their patch quickly. With this type of backing, once ironed on, the patch will remain in place permanently. Peal and Stick or Pressure Adhesive backing can be compared to a sticker. Just peel off the backing and stick the patch to any clean surface for a secure (non-permanent) hold. Peel and Stick patches can be used multiple times. You can also sew on a Peel and Stick patch to get a permanent hold. Patches also come with Velcro backing. Velcro is used when no other way to attach your patch is available. This option has become more popular in recent years as people find more and more places to attach embroidered patches. Last, when choosing your patch, you want to look at color. With over 200 thread colors and 96 mesh colors to choose from, your embroidered patches can be quite custom and designed to meet most of your needs. From start to finish, a custom embroidered patch is something that can make a very large impact. Having your own custom designed patch will be much more meaningful to you, in contrast to purchasing a standard patch from the store as your creativity and input will be demonstrated in each piece. If you are looking for something a little different to get your message out to the public, then maybe it is time to try a custom embroidered patch.About The AuthorVisit the PatchSuperstore.com and browse through the gallery of custom patches to obtain an idea for your custom patches. Everything from Boy and Girls Scout patches, to Police and Fire department patches, and more. Visit online today.

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