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by:Krell     2020-08-16

Sometimes, gift givers consult that age old chart that informs you as to the proper gift for each anniversary year. For example, the 1st anniversary is paper, the 10th is tin, the 25th is silver, and the 50th is gold. These days, there's also a 'modern' list of wedding anniversary gifts that you can consult when you need to choose a present. These are often more in line with the times, such as a clock for the 1st anniversary and jewelry for the 11th.

But if you're truly stumped and you don't want to resort to purchasing a restaurant or department store gift card, how about something that's personalized? There are a bevy of personalized gifts available that are appropriate as gifts for married couples on their special day and the fact that they are personalized means that the chosen item will always be like no other.

Personalized wedding anniversary gifts often include home decor items that can be used or displayed in the couple's home. For instance, if your friends have a home bar or enjoy collecting excellent wines, you might choose items that match that particular interest. For example, wine glasses etched with the couple's initials, beer mugs or pilsner glasses, wine accessory kits, or a customized wine carrier are all nice ideas and make both lovely and useful anniversary presents.

How about a handsome personalized print they can hang on the wall for all to admire? There are a variety of such prints available, many with pictures of bucolic scenes and often an appropriate verse. Some just include the names of the couple you're honoring. Other such prints might include the last name of the couple in large font and their first names in smaller letters along with an anniversary or wedding date, set on a pretty background that matches their decor.

For something truly different for the couple celebrating a landmark anniversary, such as their 25th or 50th, consider purchasing a set of commemorative anniversary candles. Similar to unity wedding candles used during the marriage ceremony, these candle sets include a large pillar candle and two smaller ones, along with a silver or gold stand for the larger candle. Like wedding candles, they can be used during a vow renewal ceremony and then displayed in the home once the occasion has passed.

Remember, personalized anniversary gifts can be suitable for all ages, from those celebrating a year of wedded bliss to those who've been married for decades. From picture frames to pillowcases, there's a personalized present for every age and personality. And they'll love it because it's uniquely theirs!

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