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by:Krell     2020-07-18

One of the most common causes of a hard drive failure is physical trauma. Hard drives are very delicate. Each piece inside is built with a micron of space in between them, making it easily damaged or scratched. For instance, computers under your desks can be easily bumped or kicked. Placing your hard drives right next to your loud subwoofers can cause vibrations. Often times, poor hard drives get smacked by frustrated users. It is very important that you keep your computer in a safe place away from physical abuses.

Another major reason for hard drive failure is overheating. With the advancement of technology, computers nowadays can do a lot of things but in turn, they also tend to generate a lot of heat. Overheating can be addressed by making adjustment to your computer settings or turning up the unit's fans. However with some of them, the problem lies in the computer layout. If you own or plan to get a pre-built computer, this is a non-issue but if you are assembling your own unit, there are things you have to remember. Install the fans in a way that maximizes airflow. As a rule, fans should release hot air on the top part and bring in cool air at the lower portion. Excessive heat not only damages the hard drive but also the other parts of your PC.

Another typical cause of hard drive failure is the sudden surge of electricity. Fortunately, this problem can be easily remedied by getting a surge protector for all your computer plugs. Plugging your pc directly to an outlet in the wall is a big mistake as even a minor electrical surge can cause a shortage that in turn, could potentially damage your hard drive and all other components of your computer. Also, see to it that your surge protector is strong enough to safeguard your computer from major surges otherwise, it's not doing the job at all.

Yes, many factors can cause a hard drive to fail. However, if you know how to properly take care of your hard drive, you do not have to worry too much when you hear the strange noise the next time. Take good care of your hard drive and savor the benefits of its unparalleled performance.

The causes of hard disk failure are varied, but most of them are preventable. And to prevent any data loss in caseyour hard diskdoes quit, have a backup plan ready. Check out our site to learn about the best online backup services available today!

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