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Filter Cages

by:Krell     2020-07-23

Filters are a well-known and standard gadget for industry to clear away particular substance from a flowing stream of fluid by passing the fluid through a filter device that holds these crystals. Practically gases that include smoke soot and other particulates produced by process such as combustion of fossil fuels etc have been pass through woven or non woven filtration fabrics for cleaning such gasses prior to further handling of such gasses , or exhausting these kinds of gases to the atmosphere . Filters of these categories are titled as fabric filters or bag filters. A large amount of such filters are employed to provide dust collectors.

A tubular shaped fabric filters are internally supported by a cage made of wires. These known as filter cages. These Filter Cages are fundamentally utilized to maintain the configuration of bag filter. Bag Cages are ready in varied length and designs. Bag cages are presented in the size from 12 to 14 feet (near about 3.5 to 4.25 meters) and a larger filtration system, I.e a bag house might have between 3000 and 5000 filter bags and concerned cages. Filter Bag Cages are manufactured with using longitudinal steel wires with intermittent circumferential wires and top and bottom caps. These steel wires and other parts are welded with each other using special apparatus and sent as fabricated unit. It is inherent that the assembled filter cages will have a large volume but will be constructed from a relatively small amount of materials with respect to the total volume filter bag cage. Typical object with which filter cages are made are as follows.

1- MS Wire- Main features of ms wire are-

It made of 100% mild steel.

It is anti corrosive

It performs good performance.

It is highly long-lasting.

It is repellent to high wear and tear.

It is provided in a range of sizes from 4mm t0 1mm I.e (8swg to 20 swg)

2- GI Wire-Galvanized Iron or (GI) wire is implemented in a number of forms which include vineyards, welded mesh for poultry forms, filter cages, gabions for soil protection, chain link, barbed wires and concertina wire for various mechanical engineering purposes.

3-304 Stainless steel- It is a most versatile and typical 18/18 stainless steel. It is on the market in a wider range of products, kinds and finishes than other categories. It has excellent forming and welding characteristics. The balance austenitic structure of grade 304 permits it to severely deep drawn without intermediate annealing. Which has made this grade dominant in the manufacture of drawn stainless steel parts such sinks, hollo-ware and saucepans etc.

4- 316 /316-L stainless steel- It is a kind of 316 standard molybdenum-bearing grades. It is subsequent in significance to 304 among the austenitic stainless steel. It presents 316 better overall corrosion resistive properties that grade 304. Particularly high resistive to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments. Steel of this class has excellent welding and forming characteristics.

Steel of this quality is readily brake or roll formed into a number of parts for usages in the industrial field architectural. Steel of this grade has outstanding welding characteristics. Post- weld annealing is not required when welding thin sections.

Filter Cages are available of following types-

1-Bottom Loading groove top

2-Straight Flange

3-U-Cup with two piece design

4- U- Cup

5- U-Cup with built-in venturi

6- Bottom loading high groove

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