Custom face masks

For businesses today looking for a marketing edge

by:Krell     2020-07-27

With an ever-increasing concern for security, more and more businesses are requiring their employees to wear I.D. badges and/or keycards at all times. While a simple blank lanyard will serve the purpose of holding such items, any business that doesn't choose to custom imprint lanyards with the company name or logo is missing a marketing opportunity.

Lanyards are so common in the world of small businesses and offices worldwide that customers don't consciously think about them. That's what makes them a perfect marketing device. A simple custom lanyard can reinforce a brand, slogan, logo or other message in the customer's mind, with no sense of 'pressure' or 'hard sell' by the customer.

The same presence in the workplace can help reinforce a company's mission with employees. A custom printed lanyard can showcase company values or messages for employees.

Even without a custom message, lanyards are a workplace convenience. Keycards and I.D. badges are conveniently at hand whenever they're needed. The visibility of lanyards enables employees to tell at a glance who belongs in the workplace and who doesn't. Custom lanyards also can be modified to hold other items, such as cell phones or pens.

Generally speaking, employee acceptance of lanyards is high. Most people find them a great convenience. From a business standpoint, there's virtually no downside to custom lanyards.

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