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For carrying a heavy projector and frustration?

by:Krell     2020-07-18

Also in out for a pile of demonstration equipment with and the pain?

Now have a sea micro H9000 micro projector, it all becomes relaxed freely, it bring WINCE system, direct can browse the WORD, EXL, PPT, PDF files, and it can directly read you

U dish medium data, as long as you need to presentation of the material copied into the projector in or take your U disk, it can be bold to go out to demonstrate take, have it with you, anything is possible...

A, product features:

1, small size, convenient to carry: traditional sense, less than 3 kg of the projector can be divided into portable projectors, and the total weight of the micro H9000 only for 300 grams, only not

To one over ten of the weight, the size is only 129 x 56 x 25.6 mm, can easily take in hand, in your pocket.

2, low power consumption: the sea power dissipation of H9000 micro just 5 W, and common of the projector is in 150 the power consumption of the basic W above, less than one over thirty of the power consumption, ensure the energy saving of the perfect direct demand, inside

Buy 3.7 V 2100 mA large capacity battery, external power supply in do not need to use 2 hours or so.

3, environmental protection no radiation: it is well known that the traditional projector power consumption is very large, and also need to preheat waiting time, by YuHaiWei H9000 power consumption less than 5 W, LED by, that is, energy saving and environmental protection, and

And use up no longer need to wait.

4, the sea is the United States of the micro H9000 3 M projection module, fixed resolution for the 640 * 480, for 10 lumens brightness. Support the WORD, EXL, PPT, PDF direct broadcast, support h. 263 and h. 264 depending on

Frequency file playback, support MP3, WMA and mainstream audio, built-in ebook reader, support for multiple picture browsing, built-in 2 GB memory, support external SD memory card, with a 3.7 V 2100 ma

Capacity battery, the built-in Speaker sound box, support external speakers.

Second, applicable people:

If you are digital fond of gens, sea micro H9000 fashionable appearance and super digital entertainment function will make you fondle admiringly.

If you are a business person, and the sea H9000 micro computer projector, bring their own WINCE system, direct support OFFICE software. It portable projection demo function, can let you be in product demonstrations, which personnel

Training, scheme of preaching the icing.

If you are looking for your loved ones, friends, and gift giving worry, atmosphere vogue, science and technology of micro H9000 will taste the sea is your best choice.

If you are a home user, the sea micro H9000 for your walls, ceiling and indoor any place big screen movie screening.

If you are outside the travel, the sea micro H9000 can let you be in the car and the field to watch television, enjoy music...

In short sea micro H9000 is your mobile cinema, is your gift is tasted, is your business partner, is your digital baby!

Three, the micro projector application:

1. The independent micro projector function, as MPE, PMP, playstation and other products in the external

2. The built-in MP4 broadcast system, direct broadcast into a device

3. And DVD combination of a multimedia home theater

4. The built-in 2 GB storage memory, at any time to browse your store content

5. Computer projector, bring their own WINCE system, direct support version of OFFICE software, is business presentation and show good companion

6. Can external mouse, keyboard, U disk, use more convenient

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