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by:Krell     2020-08-11

A Pin for Every Cause

September offers gym owners, nutritionists, doctors and others the perfect opportunity to combine an important message about heart health with a valuable marketing tool. National Cholesterol Education Month focuses on lowering bad cholesterol through proper nutrition and exercise, and you'll find many communities sponsoring screening programs and educational resources. Red awareness pins are an ideal giveaway to those who participate, and will act as a constant reminder that eating right and working out can have long-lasting effects on heart health.

November is National Diabetes Month, designed to bring awareness to this devastating and increasingly prevalent disease. Many communities organize walks or races to raise funds for research, and thousands of people across the country turn out to show their support for friends and loved ones who have been touched by diabetes. Participants typically receive a small gift bag to acknowledge their dedication to the cause. You can show your support by adding a gray ribbon pin embellished with your company logo to each bag. Participants and organizers will be reminded each time they wear their pin that your organization supports their cause.

Health professionals can get involved during Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October by organizing screening and education events, sponsoring fundraising activities, and helping to bring awareness to the difficulties Down syndrome patients and their families face. Blue and gold awareness ribbons worn by staff and volunteers are an eye-catching conversation starter that can help draw attention to this important cause.

Whatever cause is important to you and your company, a custom awareness pin gets your message across with style and sophistication. Top-quality metal pins come in a variety of shapes to accurately reflect your organization's brand, and can even include event names, dates, and inspirational mottos. Ribbon pins are perfect for gift bags, plus they make a great addition to employee uniforms. Above all else, though, ribbon-shaped lapel pins keep your cause in the forefront of everyone's mind, ensuring that important information is shared and remembered.

Creating your custom awareness pins is easy when you choose a top-notch vendor. Look for a supplier who offers custom color matching so you can be sure your logo is re-created perfectly. Also, you'll want to choose a vendor who provides free designs so you don't have to worry about coordinating artwork with the manufacturing process. Finally, ask about attachment options. You'll want to know that your pins will stay put and not be easily lost. With these elements in place, your awareness pin will be a big success.

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