Gifting is a delicate art, especially when you're

by:Krell     2020-08-01

Gourmet foods gift baskets are an excellent alternative to mindless gifts that hold no value to the receiver. Who wouldn't love a gift basket laden with scrumptious fruits or chocolates? And if you're looking to buy something really special, all that you've got to do, is to include a bottle of vintage wine and some gourmet cheese. A promotional item included in this gourmet gift basket would only enhance it further. And if you're looking to promote your brand name or logo, nuts or candies, stored in attractive jars embellished with your logo are just perfect.

When it comes to gourmet, sky is indeed the limit. From caviar, brie, and even pretzels, pop corn, crackers and cheese dips, a corporate gifts basket can include a whole lot of things.

But make sure that the promotional item included has some relevance to the gift that you've given. For example, if your gift basket has a bottle of beer, it makes sense to include a bottle opener with your business name or logo inscribed. And if you've chosen from gift baskets with wine, a custom made wine glass charm would accentuate the basket.

Getting these custom made isn't difficult at all. All you've got to do is to choose the gift of your choice and mention the promotional item that you would like to be included. And if you aren't sure of the right product that would complement the gift basket, make sure you speak to the supplier, who can suggest you gifts accordingly. Many a times, these gifts can be added at no extra costs.

Desktop knickknacks too are a favorite with people. But if it's the holiday season, innovative gifts like wine glass toasters, cordless wine glass openers and music download cards make great gifts. Gender specific gifts like lip balms, electric rollers, DIY kits are all a hit.

Thus, to answer the question, yes, you can include a promotional item in a gift basket, provided you do it in style and in manner that does not make your intention obvious.

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