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Have you felt disappointed about the iPhone 4

by:Krell     2020-08-01

I am Bob, a sales manager on Everyday, I am being asked many different questions from different customers in different countries.

Wrist Strap+Screw Holder+Screwdriver for iPhone 44G

Some questions are very difficult to answer, some are very easy to reply; some are quite funny, some maybe a little disgusting. And some questions will be asked for plenty of times.

Yesterday, I was asked by a question which, personally think, it is quite valuable for many people. One of my customers wrote email to me as follows: 'Hi Bob, Ok here is what we want to do. Start with the iPhone and expand from there. We want to do a metal type case for the iPhone, which those are already out there. Here is our twist. We are going after guys. Most guys keep the phone in their pocket, so we keep the case slim, but we add a 'Rip Cord' - chain with a pendant at the end so they can hang it out of their pocket. It makes it easy to find and pull out. We do really cool retail, market the heck out of it. I think these will be big. '

I knew many people are curious about that. Can the iPhone 4 with a pendant? Everyone wants to put a pendant on your iPhone, but cannot find a place?

The answer is yes.

In fact, it does not need to open a new mould, because it is so difficult and so expensive to make it. By owning this wrist strap kit, you do not need to make the case again. You just put this one on the phone is ok.

Then you just add different Pendants. This kit can help you out! Just put any wrist strap, neck strap, or pendants on your iphone4 to strike the eye in the crowd! Moreover this strap is made of Nylon and, it perfectly compatible with your devices. Furthermore, this kit includes a wrist Strap holder screw with metal ring and a cross screwdriver and a wrist strap. The screw holder will not affect charging or syncing your iPhone 4.

Now you can just put any wrist strap, neck strap, or pendants on your iPhone4 to strike the eye in the crowd!

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