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by:Krell     2020-07-25

The tote has two wheels, that are a roller blade wheel on the exterior corners and they have a kick plate. There's a built-in covered luggage tag, so it's not hanging off your handle. And, carry handle on the side, and one on the top so it's easy to get out of the car, easy to get off and on the luggage carousel. There's also a flip plate, which has a built-in gripper handle and this is pretty durable. It's a harder rubber, to protect the corners as it's going around the belt too. The up-right handle's built into the top of the bag, and is recessed. So there's not really a chance of it getting damaged, and it's a single button. Your zipper goes all the way around and you feel a little bit more depth up there, with a little bit of flexibility if you're packing a little heavier for some trips or bringing some things home.

The inside's pretty slick and simple. It keeps the weight off but there's enough in there you need for just your basic packing. Tie-down straps, and there's a split pocket here with elastic in it, so this is great for a pair of shoes or a little bit more organization. Then there's a flat pocket here, which is mesh. Again, you can put whatever you want in there, and it's pretty simple. There is a tote in this four-piece set, which is a great size for under the seat of the plane. It's attachable, obviously, by the add-a-bag strap, if you want to hang it off of there. But there's also a Velcro belt, and this would slide over the handle.

One nice thing while you're looking to check-in-you can put the tote up on the top, put the 21-inch hanging off the front, and you can wheel all three pieces together. Tote bag has feet on the bottom, which keeps it up off the ground. It's pretty basic, just a nice big open pocket on the front for something that you want to get real quick before you put the bag under the seat of the plane. So this was the Traveler's Choice Amsterdam Collection in the four-piece set. The features that I showed you in the 25-inch are the same in the 21 and the 29-inch up-right. The Amsterdam collection, by Traveler's Choice, is available in other combinations. Or you can purchase the items individually. To see the purchasing combinations, and the colors, and all the other features, please visit us at

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