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How do you keep the romance in your long-distance

by:Krell     2020-08-04

If you are going on a trip and want to leave something for your partner to find, you can plan ahead and drop an item or a 'care package' on the bed or in the kitchen before you leave. If you'd rather 'send' something from afar, you can do that too.

Be creative and you can come up with a lot of ideas on your own.

You can buy these items in advance and prepare the package to be mailed later, and then tuck the package(s) in your suitcase, OR you can buy the items on the road and mail the package back when you feel your partner needs a pick-me-up.

These packages don't have to be expensive or elaborate. It is the THOUGHT that counts.

Be sure you wrap fragile items well so they don't arrive broken, and be sure to put enough postage on the package so it doesn't get returned to you!

Here are some things to consider:

Write a short note for every day or for special dates, you will be gone, and place each note in an envelope. Write the date you want your partner to open the note on the front of each envelope.

If you know your husband has to make a big presentation at work on a certain day, write a note to boost his confidence and tell him you believe in him and label the note for him to open on that date.

You can mail the package with all the notes in it and your partner will look forward to opening each note while you are away!

Make or buy a calendar and write notes on the calendar for each day or for special days. Your partner can hang the calendar at home or in the office and she will be reminded that you are thinking of her every time she reads a note you've written.

Handmade, silly calendars with art work and drawings, or with pasted or taped pictures of you, or of 'special places' you've gone together are especially effective!

Even if you aren't a master artist of photographer, your partner will love the thought!

Include a personal item in the package (an earring, a comb, a cufflink or something that belongs to you. If it is part of a pair, and you keep the other part with you, the thought is even more romantic).

Include a non-perishable edible item (like a lollipop, or perhaps a small bag of trail mix if your spouse uses that for energy while biking or walking his exercise trail)

Make a CD of a song or songs you both love and send a copy with a romantic title or note.

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