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How to Buy Hard disk Drive (HDD) For Your PC.

by:Krell     2020-07-18

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is one of part on Personal Computer (PC). HDD is used to store your data, so you can load the data every time you need it. Most people only know about space or size and the brand of HDD. They are usually not interested to know anything else about that HDD. They are naturally buy a hard disk base on their space capacity, because it's used for it.

Ok, I have 4 tips about how to buy a hard disk drive. Here they are:

Tip 1.

The capacity of the harddisc.

Determine the space capacity of HDD that you want to buy. Todays, the capacity is bigger and bigger. You can get it with cheaper price than before. So you can choose a HDD with space capacity at least 320 GB. With that capacity, you can store a lot of file on it.

Tip 2

The speed of the HDD or disk RPM

HDD consits of many tiny disc on it. They are rotate with a kind a value that determined by the manufacturer. Standart speed is 7200 RPM but now you can find a harddisc with 10.000 RPM. The fast of speed will determine how fast they can read and write the data. So if they are have faster speed, it can be sure that they are faster to read and write the data. But you have to know also that with higher speed, it produce more heat on HDD. So you have to attent the vent on PC cassing.

Tip 3

Buffer Memory

Before data on HDD send to main memory to process, they will always go to buffer memory first (just like RAM). This way can reduce the data queue up on HDD. The higher value of buffer capacity means better or faster data read and write on HDD.

Tip 4

The connection of the hardisc.

There are three type of connection, which is Parallel ATA (PATA), Serial ATA (SATA) and SCSI. (Ignore SCSI type). I prefer to choose SATA connection than PATA. Because transfer capacity SATA HDD faster than PATA HDD. (150MB per second). SATA hard disc also have more little cable connection (rounded cable), so it is not cover the air flow in the casing. Beside, SATA HDD has bigger space capacity than PATA HDD. (Today SATA HDD is available till Tera Byte capacity).

You can find the capacity, speed, buffer memory and type connection on HDD label. So you can read it first before you decide to buy a Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

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