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How to match the key chain?

How to match the key chain?


The key chain is seemingly inconspicuous but it is the fashion detail of the hipster. It's like picking a fancy coat and making them instantly eye-catching! You can find them more easily and add a different style and sophistication to your life. Although designers launch a series of fresh key chain styles every year, to be honest, its fashion trend is unpredictable. Therefore, you do not need to tangle the key chain popular or not, as long as it is the desired style, bright style, full of interest, it is your micro fashion spokesman! Today Krell Cultural will take you to understand the collocation and choice of the key chain! I hope everyone can pay attention to the details of fashion!

Cartoon key chain

Every girl is crazy about cartoon key chains, such as mini mirrors, little strawberries, Spongebob SquarePants, big yellow duck... All of these can evoke fond memories of our childhood. Their price range from cheap ten yuan to 100 yuan or so, you can choose a string of pendant key chains, and you can also choose a different pendant, combined into your unique key chain. If it is a gift for friends and family, then you can choose a design style, such as Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DSquared2, Juicy Couture, etc., all introduce interesting key chains, as a small luxury, both fashionable and upscale.

Fluffy key chain

Small monster fur key chain is popular in the fashion circles, it can not only be used as a key chain but also can be hung on the handbag, adding nobility and nifty for the winter modeling! Of course, choose the same gorgeous artificial fur key chain, as long as the hair fluffy, bright color, novel design, is also your beautiful small magic weapon!

Metal key chain

The metal key chain is simple and public, especially the metal chain style, whether it is gold brass material, or noble gold-plated style, are very high-grade generous. It's practical and shiny, and you can hang it on your handbag for a handsome look and also match with other rivets, crosses, skulls,s, and other pendants, combined into your punk Style key chain. Of course, if you use it to your advantage, wear it around your waist and mix it with other chain belts or accessories for a new high street cool look.

Leather key chain

The low-key and textured leather key chain is the type that a lot of tide people love most to collect. From simple leather pendant styles (braided and tasseled are the most popular) to practical and stylish leather coin purses that are chic whether you hang them on your keys or on your handbag. This kind of key chain is also high-grade full of new ideas as a gift.

Customized key chain

In the current trend of the Internet, what is the most popular, is private customization! With the development of science and technology today, there is nothing that cannot be customized. Therefore, the same is true of key chains. Some female friends pursue the ultimate personality trend, so private customization is their favorite. Therefore, a private custom key chain is a very good choice. Under normal circumstances, private customized key chains generally has the following categories:

Customizable key chain

Cartoon image modeling of real people

Photos or cartoon images of celebrities

A print or print on a key chain

Art key chains

The so-called art of the key chain is a customized key chain of wood or stone and other special materials. The manufacturing cost of this kind of key chain is higher and needs to be built by manual craftsmen, if you pursue a higher fashion, then you can let the craftsmen private design customs for you. Modeling can be designed according to your requirements, after the design is satisfied, according to your choice of materials for manufacturing. Whether this kind of key chain is good or not completely depends on the skill of the craftsman, it is not easy to find a first-class craftsman!


In Krell Cultural's view, fashion is not only reflected in our usual dress cool place, a lot of small objects are the embodiment of fashion, such as today's small key chain, is the best example. Hope today's content can help you! If you have any different views on key chains, please share them with us!

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