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by:Krell     2020-07-20

Today, of 'Man vs Machine' held in the U.S. war in the form of participation and knowledge of the challenges the U.S. intelligence program brink (Jeopardy!), there are three warring parties, namely the IBM supercomputer 'Watson (Watson) 'and the brink of history shows two of the best human players Kenzhan Jennings (Ken Jennings) and Brad Rutter (Brad Rutter). First day of the game is over, the result is: the computer get $ 5,000 bonus Watson, Brad Rutter also won $ 5,000 prize, while Kenzhan Jennings received $ 2,000 bonuses.

The first man-machine war in computer chess champion Kasparov and between, the final Deep Blue defeated the world champion. But this time, IBM's supercomputer Watson will face more severe challenges. The first man-machine war, the rules of chess is fixed, the computer Deep Blue can only perform mathematical calculations. And this is the second man-machine war, Watson will have to analyze host (human) language issues raised, and host to determine the meaning of words to represent, but also need to search their database of correct and incorrect filter, the answer also to comply with human language logic.

We will J2EE technology in the field of enterprise developers, system administrators, and enterprise-class database management in the field of professional recognition by providing access to world-class opportunities. According to the table, and their career direction, choose the exam. As long as you are IBM developerWorks China web site or CSDN IT training and education network members (ie CSDN registered members), you will have access to very favorable opportunities for 000-139 exam.

Therefore, in the exam of 000-152, Watson appeared in a number of conditions, such as can not determine the accuracy of the information, so there is no answer in the first, another example can not be based players have got it wrong answers to give correct answers and so on.

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