If short-stay weekend and overnight trips are

by:Krell     2020-07-24

It seems that the market for extra-light and business luggage is full to brimming with choices. Hopefully this short article, which describes some of the pros and cons of the luggage designed by Osprey especially for short trips, will give you a bit more knowledge and help you to make the best choice possible.

Even if you decide that Osprey isn't the best option for your situation, you'll at least have an overview of some of the different bags on the market.

Osprey has two ranges of bags that are suitable for short trips. The first is their extra-light Ozone range, which has three models. Weighing in at at 2.25KG, 2.02KG and 1.92KG, this wheelie bag is perfect if you want to minimise weight. All these bags have some pretty cool features including a top mesh-pocket for small bits and bobs, unobtrusive handles on the sides and top of the bag and a large back pocket that's big enough to fit magazines, newspapers and other similar-sized things in. There's also two side pockets. As you can see, organizing your things isna't going to be an issue.

Another added bonus of the Ozone series are the external straps that can be used to compact the contents of your travel bag. The model comes in three sizes. If you're going to be making very short trips and need a light, simple solution then the smallest 36 litre bag might well best fit your needs.

The second bag, specifically designed for people making lots of short trips is the excellent Osprey Contrail. This 22 inch, 46 litre, suave and cosmopolitan bag has been designed with the air-traveller in mind. Its unique features include removable toiletry and clothes bags. A Contrail Daypack that you can attach to the retractable handle of the bag can also be bought separately. If you're a regular flyer then this smart piece of kit may well be the one for you.

When choosing luggage it's important to distinguish between high and low quality material. Denier is the measure of the strength of a material and is almost always used in relation to a particular piece of luggage. There are no definite rules but, if you have little knowledge of the integrity of the brand, it's best not to go below 600 denier. Nylon is by far the best choice for a soft-sided suitcase as it's less prone to scuffing and tearing than both cotton and polyester.

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