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by:Krell     2020-08-13

Custom Wine Glasses

If you are going on for a wedding event, then this is going to be one of the top items on the gift list. The special luxurious glasses bear the name of the bride and groom, shining on highest quality crystals, embedded deep into their bodies, giving a unique glow. They provide one of the best options for a personalized wedding gift. You would find a lot of variety to choose from in this area, variation in glass quality used, shape of the glass, color, durability, type of embedment used for names, etc.

Custom made Bobbleheads

This item is from the latest trend in the market, and is not just cute to look at, but so funny that it would bring a small smile to everyone who sees it. Boobleheads basically refer to small custom made dolls of plastic, having a larger head as compared to the body. The unique thing here is that you can now make your bobblehead face appear exactly like the cartoonish face of the friend you are gifting it to. All you need is three photographs of the friend you want it to look like, taken from 3 different angles, front, left, and right, and upload them on the company's website. In the next step, you can proceed onto selecting the most appropriate body for your doll, and adding accessories. After you are done with all this stuff, you will now have your masterpiece before you, and just one mouse click would get it delivered right at your doorstep. The completely process is user friendly, and takes just a few minutes from first step to last step.

Specially crafted frames

We are not at all referring to normal photo frames here sold in the market. But these picture frames have something unusual about them. They contain the names of the new couple embed into them, along with the wedding date. This makes it an eternal gift for weddings. A glimpse of the frame comprising of wedding images at their best, would do the work of a reminder in filling the life of the couple with joy and happiness of the first day, and even keep them informed of their wedding date. A glimpse of this frame would simply remind them of the friend who gifted such a beautiful gift to them.

Out of all the above detailed version of gifts, bobbleheads is the most popular, and most trendy at this time in the market. The thing which separates it from others is that it is a perfect amalgam of joy, happiness, along with craziness. The cartoonish shaped dolls would put a smile on the lips of every guest seeing them, and no one would forget to appreciate your idea of custom prepared gift.

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