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by:Krell     2020-07-14

They are affordable

These items are usually more affordable than larger items are. This means that they are often a great choice for companies that either do not have a huge promotional gifts budget or who need to be able to hand out a large number of items in a relatively short period of time. This means that they can be a wonderful option if you have an upcoming convention or show coming up where you are anticipating meeting a large number of potential customers.

They are usually very functional

This can be a huge benefit. Functional items tend to travel with the people that own them. If they are being used on a regular basis they are going to be seen by a much larger number of people than a larger, fancier but less functional item would be. Two items that tend to get a lot of attention are personalized pens and personalized key chains. A beautiful pen or key chain will often attract a lot of notice and this means that more people are seeing your name and logo.

They can be combined to form a gift basket

Because they are smaller and more affordable they are easier to hand out as part of a gift basket. Offering several smaller gifts can increase your cost but if all of the items work together as part of a theme it can make a much larger impact than one large item would if given by itself. If you are planning on combining promotional gifts as part of a larger gift basket you may want to make sure that they all follow the same theme. For example, if you are handing out a USB stick as a promotional gift, you may want to combine it with a mouse pad or other computer-related items.

You have a wider selection to choose from

Larger gifts are great but you may find that you have a much narrower selection to choose from when you shop. Smaller items often come in a much wider range of options. You can generally decide what color or size you want smaller items to be rather than being limited to only a few choices. A great example of this is a personalized pen. These come in many different colors and styles. You can find one that fits well with your corporate colors rather than being limited to only one or two choices. How to get the most impact from small promotional gifts

Because the promotional gifts are smaller you may need to think creatively in order to make them memorable. This does not need to be an expensive concept however. If, for example you are handing out personalized coffee mugs you may want to add a small pack of coffee or gourmet tea to the package that you are handing out.

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