In computing, Click Of Death or COD is the condition

by:Krell     2020-07-17

Hard drive COD primarily occurs due to failure of components like read/write head and preamplifier. While read/write head is the component responsible for reading and writing information from disk surfaces, its amplifier is the small electronic component soldered to head actuator through a flexible cable.

Below are the top reasons why a hard disk produces CODs:

1)Physical abuse like high intensity vibrations and shocks

2)Manufacturing defect

3)Wear and tear

To solve such problems, you are recommended to consider these methods:

1)In some cases, bad hard disk sounds might be the result of poorly inserted or defective signal cable. So, before deducing any conclusion, you should check the system for a damaged signal cable. In such cases, power supply cables and different other components that lie close to the signal cable might be the source of unusual sounds.

2) If bad cable is not the case, replace your hard drive as it might be corrupted. You should then restore the lost data from available backup. If no clean data backup exists, call Data Recovery Service experts.

Hard Disk Recovery is the manual assistance provided by data recovery experts. A failed hard drive is first analyzed for possible hardware errors. Damaged hard drive internals are then either replaced or repaired by using suitable recovery techniques and procedures. Since hard drive is internally prone to dust-like particles, all these procedures are carried out in Clean Rooms.

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