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by:Krell     2020-07-31

Giving them away may be done on a variety of instances. They make for superb souvenirs at weddings, birthday parties and other events. They may be given to customers of an establishment for their support or for making a certain amount of purchase. They can be unique prizes or giveaways at trade or corporate shows.

Designers and manufacturers of board games, card games, and other recreational pursuits also benefit from such. For owners of casinos and similar amusement centers, using them is a great way to enhance loyalty and recognition from patrons. Many large- and small-scale organizations or corporations also take advantage of them as a token of appreciation for clients. They can be made for individuals, groups and large companies.

One of the simplest and fastest way to get yours done is by getting the services of online manufacturers of these products. They can provide you with decks according to your specifications. What you'll be getting is definitely exclusive to you; you won't be able to get such elsewhere. The amount of customization which can be done is actually staggering.

You can choose the dimensions of the deck. The usual ones include poker size (2.50' x 3.50') and bridge size (2.25' x 3.50'). But other sizes are also available, depending on the manufacturer. You can have a deck as small as 1.46' x 2.28' to something as big as 2.78' x 4.42'. It's also possible to get circular ones. The standard size for such is less than 3' in diameter.

It's possible to order between one hundred to a million of decks from online manufacturers. If your order will be used for custom types of games, it's possible to indicate how much cards there are per deck. The coating finishes available are very extensive. You can choose matte, high-gloss aqua, high-gloss UV, high-gloss aqua, linen embossed and others.

How elaborate or simple the end products are depends on your liking. Some websites offer templates where you can tweak certain elements - background color, font type, etc. - to personalize the back of the cards. But you may also upload the image you wish to appear. You may submit files in JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PSD and other image formats, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) for best results.

Packaging which will match your custom playing cards may also be ordered as well. To complete your order, fill up the form provided by the manufacturer. See to it that you provide accurate information, especially the address to where the products will be shipped. The price varies depending on the deck size, paper, coating, quantity, etc. For the smoothest possible transaction, go through the terms and conditions found on the website.

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