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by:Krell     2020-08-11

High Demand:

Since parties, weddings and informal get-togethers are regular affairs where the ladies have to be clad in tons of jewellery; there is a high demand for jewellery all around the year. Manufacturers and suppliers maintain a steady flow of these precious commodities to meet the needs. This has also created more business opportunities for wholesalers as well. The ever changing fashion trends and a rise in the demand of custom jewellery has forced some manufacturers to venture into the world of custom made or personalized jewellery which in turn has also proven to be very profitable.

Profit Margins:

Since expensive jewellery of gold, silver, platinum and diamond is purely a luxury item, the profit margins even in the business of wholesale are mammoth sized. Generally customers who purchase these items do not compromise on quality and are, more often then not, willing to pay a fortune for fine quality since it is an invaluable asset. High cost means that the profit margins can be stretched. Also, most of the times the precious metals and stones, which are used for making jewellery items, are often bought in the form of raw material from the African countries and manufacturers save hefty sums which creates room for bigger and better profits even for the wholesalers.

Chances of Growth:

Because of such handsome profit margins and a constant flow of demand, one would think that there would be plenty of competition for wholesalers but that is not the case. The high start-up cost of the business makes it very hard for the regular Joes to invest into the business. Only a handful people who somehow do manage to invest into this business have good chances of growth because of this very reason.

International Market:

The international market itself has a voracious appetite for gold and diamond jewellery since both are becoming rare with every passing day. With a constant demand from the local elite, the European market presents superb growth opportunities for both suppliers as well as manufacturers. Wholesalers too can fully benefit from this situation and expand their wholesale jewellery UK businesses to become international wholesalers of jewellery.

Invaluable Investment:

Diamond, gold and silver jewellery are considered precious items and have a substantial value of their own even in stock. In case the prices of these metals or stones drop in the international market, one can always hold them back and wait for the prices to go back up. In any case, purchasing these expensive items is an excellent way of making your investment invaluable.

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