In the past, nearly everyone has paid for personalizing

by:Krell     2020-08-16

When products can be personalized free of any additional costs it makes creating your own custom gifts far more affordable and that is one of the reasons the photo gift industry has experienced such explosive growth over the last few years.

In days gone by, if you wanted to give a customized gift, most people found they were limited to glassware, tankards and personalized jewelry, items such as bracelets, rings, cufflinks, charms and pendants. All of these items were, and still are, suitable for having initials or names added, along with maybe the date, but when they are inscribed by the local high street jeweler the buyer incurs an additional charge. Photo gifts have changed all that.

Firstly, people who want to create their own personalized gifts are no longer limited to jewelry, tankards and glassware - they now have the choice of an almost unlimited number of different products from the many photo gifts websites that can be found online. Nearly all of these products can be customized with your own photos, logos, personal designs and text; personalized free of any additional charges or fees!

In this article I wanted to explore and share some of the personalized gifts ideas that can provide family and friends with special gifts at any time of the year, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or any other significant event.

Personalized gifts ideas for children

Most children like solving jigsaw puzzles, regardless of the picture they depict. It's easy to personalize a jigsaw puzzle with your own photos, so this is a great idea for kids. You may want to consider creating a jigsaw featuring a picture of the child you are giving it to, or perhaps a family portrait.

For older children you can easily find a customizable DVD/CD wallet that can be personalized with a photo of their favorite band, or maybe their boyfriend or girlfriend. Obviously there are many other things you may want to customize it with, but my suggestions are just a starting point.

Personalized gifts ideas for women

Most women, regardless of age, seem to enjoy snuggling up under a blanket when they watch TV on a cold winter's night. That makes a personalized blanket a wonderful gift idea for the women in your life. The perfect idea for personalizing them is to use photos of their children or grand-children, believe me when I tell you that any mother or grand-mother will absolutely adore such a gift!

Another great gift idea for women is a photo handbag - they can be personalized to color-coordinate with their favorite outfit or perhaps with most women's favorite, photos of their children. Either way, they will greatly appreciate the thought and effort you have put into your gift giving.

Personalized gifts ideas for men

Most men are far easier to buy for than women - if he is a golfer he would without doubt really appreciate some personalized golf accessories. Try personalizing some golf ball markers, a divot tool or golfers hat clip with his golf club logo. He will love them and they will make him the talk of the club house!

Another great idea for men is a custom business card holder. This is particularly true if they own their own business - you can personalize his business card holder with his business logo!


The bottom line is you can personalize just about anything with your own photos, logos, designs and text. Unless you go to the wrong place, which is highly unlikely given the wide choice available to you, whatever it is you choose, it can be personalized free of any additional charges or fees.

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