iPad gets more and more consumer's acceptance.

by:Krell     2020-07-19

Have to say, iPad -- this little thing began to become more and more interesting. When Steve jobs took such an amplification version of the iPod Touch on stage, a lot of people must be in the heart thank jobs will even losing underwear. Because such a product is really not seen, everyone can point out the the some reasons of the iPad failure.

I named the marketing method as 'apple marketing', apple marketing's essential is jobs. He was the world's godfather, because apple almost every heavyweight products are widely admired, so the popularity of the jobs becomes more and more wart trend.

IPad's success comes from the successful experience in Smartphone - iPhone, they conclude these good user experience design, and then transplanted the cisco iOS to iPad, the iPad has succeeded beyond people's expectation. You need to know when the iPad come out, most people remain suspicious manner, because it looks more like an amplification version of the iPod Touch, a hand-held digital equipment that can't call which launched by apple. But in the end the apple iPad has achieved a huge success, which also can not get away from apple's application store-' AppStore ', apple through the iPhone to attract a large number of excellent developers and application, the application of the rapid expansion of the iPad also made important contribution, the product and application is always an integral part.

Steve jobs said iPod is not just a MP3, the world half-believe it and iPod finally become the most popular MP3 player; Steve jobs said iPhone not just a cell phone, the half of the world people believes, and finally iPhone becomes the world's most popular mobile phone; This time jobs said the iPad would become one of the most successful tablet computer, most people believe, because apple's success lets everybody have jobs too paranoid trust and expectations, so the popularity speed of the iPad is faster than the iPhone. But you know that Apple iPad does't support PDF ebook perfectly, so when I want to read PDF on iPad, I have to download some PDF to ePub converter to transfer PDF to iPad.

In fact the success of the iPad can not do without apple's public relations and the operation. For example constantly changes in the latest hardware, software updates and all kinds of lace news. All media volunteer help apple do marketing, each of apple products can become the focus of attention of the media, and the media scrambles for sth. Because apple fans are so much, so that if the media could not follow up it, then it will face the reader's question. Apple so understands media and customers, so that almost all psychological iPad does not need too much extra propaganda cost.

But looking back on iPad, iPad also exists such much problems, pick the words on the net: apple's mobile phone can not make phone calls, laptop desktop play games, mp4 couldn't see video clearly, mp3 's sound quality is so bad, tablet computer not can't read u disk, these are nothing, nothing. Although there are exaggerated too, but also recognizes our fans' confusion.

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