It's not so long now until the new camping season

by:Krell     2020-07-23

If you are an experienced camper or backpacker then you will already know the importance of comfort and capacity size of a rucksack. If you are a novice then you should be made aware that these 2 points are probably the most influential deciding factors in choosing a rucksack. The Jansport Trail Carson rucksack fits all criteria one needs from their bag. With a large capacity of nearly 5000 cubic inches this Carson bag can pretty much carry everything you need. It does not matter about the weather conditions either as this bag is made from polyester and has dry and breathable mesh lumar. The polyester is made from the 600 Denier type and all in all this is probably one of the best weather resistant bags out there on the market today.

So far then we have a bag that is big enough to carry all and capable of fighting off any weather extremes. But is it comfortable enough to have on your back all day? The answer is yes. I personally used one of these for a couple of weeks in October last year. But if you need more than just my say so then you only have to look at the bag. It comes with ergonomic S curve straps to hold it in place snugly with an extra hip belt with cushion comfort for even more stability and security. And with the adjustable aluminium frame this bag literal glues itself to your back. So for the novice or experienced camper/backpacker alike this bag is ideal and with the lifetime warranty it comes with you can't go wrong in my opinion by buying one.

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