It's often the smallest detail that turns the

by:Krell     2020-08-09

Eye-Catching Accessories Offer Instant 'Collector's Item' Status

Want to really stand out from the crowd with your lapel pin? Jazz up your design with an unusual accessory such as colored gemstones, danglers, or even tiny flashing lights. Whether you use them to signify accomplishments or just to gain attention, one thing is certain: your pin will definitely capture the interest of everyone who sees it.

Mark important milestones such as years of service or customers served with custom pins adorned with colored stones. Using different colors to signify each achievement encourages employees to start a collection, and helps build morale with good-natured competition. Larger pins are perfect for whimsical designs that will turn heads everywhere they go. Spinning balls, sliders, and moving baubles incorporated into your pin help create a unique look that collectors and fans will love to show off.

Presentation Matters

Sometimes it makes sense to offer your pins in the simplest manner possible, but when special events come around, an attractive presentation can be as important as the pin itself. Celebrating outstanding employee accomplishments with a commemorative pin nestled inside a velvet box makes a grand occasion even more austere. For keepsakes designed to last a lifetime, consider a protective acrylic box that allows recipients to show off their treasure without worrying about damage.

Pins meant to say 'thank you' can do so with a beautifully designed note printed on custom card stock. Perfect for mailing, you can attach pins to cards of any size, printed with your heart-felt message.

Custom Clasp Options for a Lifetime of Wear

Often the most thoughtful thing about a keepsake like a custom lapel pin happens behind the scenes. When you consider that recipients of your pins will likely wear them frequently, it's clear that care should be taken when choosing just the right clasp.

Jewelry-grade clutch fasteners ensure long-lasting hold so you never have to worry about pins becoming dislodged or lost. Safety-pin-style fasteners provide extra stability for large or oddly shaped pins. And for protection of fine garments such as ladies' blouses, consider a magnetic clasp, which will leave no tell-tale holes behind to ruin her look.

Whether your lapel pins are designed for marketing, collectors, or to reward employees and volunteers, adding a colorful or useful accessory can transform the ordinary into something they'll treasure. When designing your pins, be sure to look for a manufacturer who can help you realize your vision with stunning accessories, just the right presentation, and the perfect fastener for your pin and those who will wear it.

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