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by:Krell     2020-08-12

If you've got someone like that on your list, whether it's a family member or friend, perhaps you've been in a quandary when it comes to gift-giving. Gift cards are boring, he's got a whole shelf full of baseball caps, and he really doesn't need any more bad sweaters. So, what do you get him? How about a personalized gift emblazoned with his name or initials - a gift that is truly his and quite unique?

There are many personalized gifts that are decidedly masculine. One of those is the flask. Many men of all different ages like to carry flasks, especially during the cold winter weather when they need a little alcoholic libation to keep them warm. Some men bring their flasks to the football game, others keep it tucked in their jacket pocket at all times, carrying a dram or two of their favorite whiskey or other liquor. Some men carry a flask because they like to spike their espresso at the end of the day or after their evening meal out with friends. For that reason, personalized flasks would be an ideal gift for many men.

Personalized Flaskscome in all sizes and shapes. Many are silver plated and some have leather trim. You'll find some that are very traditional in style while others are rather whimsical, including some that are shaped like a cell phone or other common item. No matter which you choose, however, you can personalize it with name or initials and sometimes a date.

While not everyone carries a flask, everyone DOES carry money. Hence, personalized money clips are another excellent gift for the man who has everything. Money clips are generally designed to hold both paper money and credit cards and are often easier to carry than a wallet. They take up less space, cause less wear and tear on his pants, and are easy to handle.

Like flasks, personalized money clips come in a variety of styles, from the very traditional dollar sign-shaped clip to other designs that are much more contemporary. Some include logos, such as those that belong to NFL or MLB teams, while others are quite plain and classy, featuring his initials or name. Both personalized money clips and flasks are very masculine and can be given for a variety of occasions including birthday, Father's Day, graduation, and retirement.

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