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Lanyards are a convenient way to carry small items

by:Krell     2020-07-26

A lanyard can be anything from a simple strip of cloth tied into a loop to a metal beaded chain. These are the least expensive types of lanyards, and carry no imprint.

For custom lanyards imprinted with logos, images or text messages, polyester and nylon are the most common materials used. These lanyards can easily be customized to represent a particular company, organization or group. The choice of materials will determine the printing process used to imprint the message.

Modern lanyards are most commonly machine made and printed, often with computer-controlled, state of the art equipment. They are available in several widths, with the 3/8' to 3/4' range being the most common for printed lanyards.

Metal or plastic hardware attached to the lanyard enables it to be used for its intended purpose. Several different types of clips, hooks and other items are available to enable the lanyard to hold I.D. cards, keys, pens or other necessary items.

Tubular lanyards feature a tube-stitched polyester material, similar to a shoelace. This is the most economical choice for custom printed lanyards, and features silk screen printing and a clean, uncomplicated look.

Polyester lanyards offer a good compromise between price and performance. Silk screen printed, they offer clear detail and designs and are the most popular type of custom printed lanyard.

Woven lanyards are made of high-quality polyester, but instead of silk screening, the design or text is woven with thread into the lanyard. This style creates a classic, elegant look, but is not suitable for very intricate designs.

Nylon lanyards are the highest quality custom lanyards available. The nylon offers the highest brilliance and smoothest finish of any custom lanyard type, and will show the clearest printed detail.

Making lanyards for an office or professional setting really isn't a do-it-yourself project. A reputable company can produce the lanyards you need in a timely fashion that yields excellent results.

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